SURFSET ® 101 – Intro to SURFSET ®

This class is for beginners and is highly recommended before taking our other Surfset ® classes. SURFSET ® 101 focuses on the basics of the board while focusing on form, core strength, and balance.


As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, Surfset ® mimics the physical demands of surfing including balance, strength and cardio. Surfset ® is a total body workout that challenges your balance and stabilizer muscles to create a lean and strong physique.


A yoga inspired class done in the sand and on the surfboard focusing on balance and stability.


An innovative class that helps increase strength as well as tone and condition. We use weighted bars and bands on the Surfset ® board to target each individual muscle to help you get that definition you have been looking for.


Total body workout developed by a Navy Seal, now offered in our sandbox. This class uses gravity and body weight to develop strength, flexibility and a solid core. TRX ® is a great option for pregnant women and those with injuries.


A core blasting, muscle engaging, one-of-a-kind class that you can only find at Sandbox Fitness. Combining the best of both, TRX ® and Surfset ®, Tidal Turbulence will challenge every single muscle fiber.


Bootcamp in the sand. High intensity circuit training utilizing sand resistance, TRX ® and Surfset ®.


Sandbox Kids

Fitness class designed for kids incorporating all elements of Sandbox Fitness. Helps release energy, improve coordination, balance and strength. For boys and girls.