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    As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, Surfset ® mimics the physical demands of surfing including balance, strength and cardio. Surfset ® is a total body workout that challenges your balance and stabilizer muscles to create a lean and strong physique.


    An innovative class that helps increase strength as well as tone and condition. We use weighted bars and bands on the Surfset ® board to target each individual muscle to help you get that definition you have been looking for.

    TRX ®

    Total body workout developed by a Navy Seal, now offered in our sandbox. This class uses gravity and body weight to develop strength, flexibility and a solid core. TRX ® is a great option for pregnant women and those with injuries.


    A core blasting, muscle engaging, one-of-a-kind class that you can only find at Sandbox Fitness. Combining the best of both, TRX ® and Surfset ®, Tidal Turbulence will challenge every single muscle fiber.


    Bootcamp in the sand. High intensity circuit training utilizing sand resistance, TRX ® and Surfset ®.


    A yoga inspired class done in the sand and on the surfboard focusing on balance and stability.
    SURFSET ® ABS (30 minutes)

    PRIVATE & CLASSES (5 or more)



    Single Class                                     $26                           
    5 Pack                                             $120                         (Save $10)
    10 Pack                                           $220                         (Save $40)
    20 Pack                                           $360                         (Save $40)
    Monthly Membership                    $159                         (Unlimited Classes)


    Single Session                               $60                             
    10 Pack                                         $550                           (Save $50)


    Single Session                             $100                          ($50 per person)
    10 Pack                                        $900                          (Save $100)


    Katie Seigel (Owner)

    is a Jersey girl who has been passionate about dance, exercise and nutrition for as long as she can remember. She started teaching dance at the age of 14 and has been teaching in some capacity ever since! While studying dance at Towson University in Maryland she worked part time at Gold’s Gym and was approached to become a Group Fitness Instructor. As a professionally trained dancer and dance instructor, it seemed fitting to get her Personal Training and Nutrition Certification. In 2004 she moved from NJ to Los Angeles on a whim, fell in love with the weather and met her husband, so never moved back. She has extensive experience teaching and training people of all age groups. Her specialties are Personal Training (Strength and Conditioning), Bootcamp, Dance, Body Pump, PiYo® (High Intensity Pilates & Yoga Workout), Insanity, TRX and Surfset® (as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank)! Katie is super excited to own her own Sandbox Fitness Studio! If you want someone with high energy who is fun and engaging, her classes are killer….in a good way.


    Quinn Crumbley

    Originally from Florida, Quinn grew up learning how to do gymnastics on his own in his back yard. He’s always had a natural athleticism thats hes carried on to his adult hood. He moved to Los Angeles and got sucked into the fitness world. He really fell in love with wanting to become a group fitness instructor after his first spin class. The adrenaline of the ride and the sweat pushed him to keep coming back. Los Angeles has many different ventures when it comes to fitness and Quinn plans on being apart of all of them. He is a certified INSANITY instructor and wants to keep expanding his knowledge about fitness and the different types of exercises, opening other peoples minds to how fun working out can be.

    Jessica Gilbert

    Born and raised in Southern California fitness has always been a passion of mine. After taking my first class at 16, I fell in love with group fitness, I loved how engaging and encouraging the instructors were and knew it was something I wanted to do. After completing my AFAA® group fitness certification and continuing to learn new formats,including surfset fitness I would love for you to enjoy taking my class as much as I love teaching! Jessica’s classes are great for all levels of fitness. She knows when to push and when to modify. If you want a great full body workout with a mix between cardio and strength take one of her classes.

    Denah Angel Schenkman

    loves the beach and is so happy to be teaching at Sandbox Fitness. She is a YogaWorks® Certified instructor. She believes in having fun while working out! She loves choreographing the movements to a soundtrack. She believes in slow controlled movements so students can really learn the poses, build muscle and progress over time. Her classes really focus on breathing, deep stretching, and balance. If you want to take your yoga to the next level her classes are great.

    Heather Goldberg

    Born and raised in Los Angeles, Heather has been an athlete her entire life. Between gymnastics and basketball throughout her youth to spinning and yoga as an adult, Heather believes fitness is the key to keeping her body healthy and mind strong. After over ten years in a corporate job, Heather decided to take a leap and turn her passion into a career. As a 200HR RYT certified instructor, Heather;s challenging vinyasa flow will ton your body, increase your flexibility, and center your mind.

    Brandon London

    From the East Coast with an 8 year career in NFL & CFL Brandon even brought home a Super Bowl ring while playing for the NY Giants! His love and passion for training and coaching goes beyond the football field and into the sandbox.

    Lauren Leitner

    Lauren Leitner is a Los Angeles Native and moved back from New Orleans where she owned and taught all the classes for her own business teaching outdoor bootcamp and outdoor Yoga.She has been teaching indoor cycling for many years, as well as Yoga, TRX and Zumba. Even when she isn’t teaching she loves being a student and taking other classes. She had always loved fitness and being inspired by students everyday is what motivates her to keep things fresh and exciting in her classes.

    Lila Smadja

    My Goal as an athlete is to take my body to the limit. MIND is POWER! As a Fitness Instructor my goal is to make YOU love to workout. To the point that you crave it every day. I started Muay Thai KickBoxing when I was 14 years old. I found my love for cycling not too far after and shortly became an Instructor at Bespun and Legends MMA gym, a pole dance and mixed martial arts specialty gym. My classes there are extremely intense, making sure the athletes get their sweat on. Teaching someone how to round house kick or sprint for 3 minutes on a bike gives me motivation and affirms that this is where I need to be! Using all this intensity I have learned to balance out my life with the mental strength that yoga has given me. As a yoga instructor I want to be the one to release all the stress in the mind, body and soul so that you can live an open and healthy life. Lila likes to push your body to the limit. Her classes are unique, and very challenging.

    Britney Ortiz

    Born and Raised in Orlando, Florida. Britney began her love affair with Fitness when she started training for her first bodybuilding competition. She loved how the sport pushed her physically, mentally and emotionally. After a couple of years of competing she won her WBFF PRO card! Britney decided to continue her education through NASM which focuses on corrective exercising and got Certified. Because she loved to continue to evolve and grow as a fitness professional, she threw herself into the Pilates world and fell in love!! which lead her to collect another certification! Her goal is to Inspire to aspire Individuals to live a healthy lifestyle and leave her class feeling like MAJESTIC UNICORNS!


    Cailey is a California grown dancer-turned-yogi! She loves all things fitness and outdoors. When she is not teaching you can find her on her bike, in the kitchen, on the beach, or with her face in a book. Cailey has been teaching Surfset for several years and loves the fun, unique workout it gives!